More safer Browsing and Signing experience

Enhance anti-scam capability of individual users to accelerate the mass adoption of web3.

Protect with ScamSniffer

Web3 Safe Browsing

Combine our web3 malicious website detection engine and multiple blacklist data sources to provide real-time malicious website protection before you open the malicious links.

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Get Real-Time Risk Issue Before You Sign The Signature

Based on our understanding of malicious websites and continuous research, covering more than 20+ malicious and potential phishing signatures. we could protect you against malicious signatures in real time.

NFT Listing/Offer Check

Check every NFT Listing and Offer Signature to make sure it's safe to sign, Cover major NFT protocols including Seaport, Blur, LooksRare, Blend

Balance Changes

Show clear balance changes with your wallet including NFT Listing/Offer, and Swap signatures.

Token Approval

Highlight and detect risky Token/NFT approval signatures including Permit, Uniswap Permit2 and more.

Twitter Phishing Warning

Protects you from fake Twitter account comments and phishing ads. Detect phishing links in time.

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Get more safer Browsing and Signing experience today.